MUSHROOM LAKE swat valley

Mushroom lake swat valley

Mushroom lake swat valley trek


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About Mushroom lake

Mushroom  Lake swat valley is a small alpine lake is located in the Gabral Valley of Kalam Swat. Mushroom Lake is called Mushroom because of its mushroom-shaped structure. It is Ten hours hike from Shahi BaghKalam.Mushroom lake located in upper shahi bagh valley of swat, this is high alpine lake around 13500 feet above sea level. The awe-inspiring mushroom lake is located about 31 kilometres away from Utror and 20 kilometres from Shahi Bagh.

For its very hard and tough climb, the lake is visited by mountain trekkers only.

The trekkers, who visited it recently, said that they had never seen such a stunning lake.

“To reach the lake is not an easy job as the trek is one of the toughest and hardest treks in the valley. I claim that it is one of the mesmerising glacial lakes I have ever seen,” said Tariq Aziz, a senior mountain trekker and climber in Swat valley.


you will reach to jabba at evening stay there for night at your camps and then pack your bags to go back to shahi bagh. 

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